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Software Defined Networking

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new approach that allows network infrastructure to be configured programmatically on-demand.

Instead of being forced to manually configure devices individually, entire networks can be reconfigured in minutes from a central controller.

Combining SDN with the power of cloud computing, Nuvem Networks' SDN platform, transforms the industry by making it possible for anyone to create networks in the cloud.

Network Function Virtualization

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a set of abstraction technologies designed to liberate network functionality from proprietary hardware that locks customers into expensive, hard to maintain solutions.

Network functions such as, switching, firewalling, and routing and many more can now be done on virtual devices in the cloud.

Our SDN platform uses container-based virtualization to deliver secure blazing fast bare-metal NFV performance.

Cloud Bridging

Cloud bridging enables connectivity to cloud environments from remote endpoints, typically business locations or mobile users.

Unlike existing solutions, our SDN platform delivers the industry's first self-service any-to-any cloud bridging fabric. Nuvem Networks, patent-pending, any-to-any connectivity solution enables simple, secure and scalable cloud bridging between business locations, clouds and mobile users.

Delivered as a service, you can build, deploy and connect cloud bridges that easily scale to thousands of endpoints in minutes.

Cloud Federation

Cloud federation aims to interconnect different cloud environments into a single interoperable infrastructure.

Unfortunately in practice, there has been no universal way to intermediate different cloud services - until now.

Networks you create on our SDN platform automatically link disparate clouds regardless of type, location or provider.

Nuvem Networks simplifies enterprise cloud adoption by delivering the industry's first turnkey cloud connectivity platform.

Deploy in minutes, and connect to any cloud at any scale.

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